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June’s Digital Resources!

Since we live in a world where much of our lives a tech-centered, we want to make sure families have access to all sorts of Christian resources out there!

Looking for faith based books, music, videos, or activities for your family?  The best prices and fasted delivery (usually even better than Amazon since they’re local) can be found at www.christianbook.com.  There’s something for everyone!

Looking for some encouraging content to listen to while cleaning or working on a project?  Sometimes an encouraging sermon can be the boost we are looking for.  Meg makes it a habit to listen to sermons while she’s cleaning, and wanted to share this with everyone on “For the Good of my Family”.  Check out this link!  http://www.grace.org/sermon/for-the-good-of-my-family/

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June Family Connection Part 3

The Sunday School classroom isn’t the only place our kids can connect with their faith.  Here’s this month’s tip on incorporating faith into everyday life, and for helping kids of all ages engage in the worship service!

Faith at Home:  It can be tricky and sometimes feel forced when we try to find times to talk about our faith in the middle of the business of everyday life.  As we look to the end of the school year, and the change of pace that comes with summer, it can be a great way to reflect on all that God is doing.  Is there some stress that comes with the end of the school year?  Take time to pray about those things!  Look back on what accomplishments you can celebrate from this past school year, and take time to make a celebration/thank you list to God.  As you plan summer adventures, come up with creative ways you as a family can be a blessing to others you might meet along the way.  After these adventures, use meals or car rides to ask how everyone saw God in what they experienced.

Engaging Kids at Church: It’s never too early to come alongside kids to help them participate in worship.  It is our desire that all kids have the chance to be part of our time of worship together.  We’ve been sharing different tips each month for helping kids of all ages – even toddlers – to find their place as participants in worship, not just observers.  During the summer months, children are in the worship service a bit longer, including staying in through the prayer time.  On the way to church, ask them to think of praises or prayer requests they’d want to share during church.  During prayer time, consider having a family huddle or all holding hands together to make that time special.  Practice learning the Lord’s Prayer at home so they can say it with everyone in church!

We look forward to the change of pace that comes with summer, and all the ways we can find refreshment in God’s endless love for us!


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June’s Helpful Articles

As we get ready to honor our grads, kids and families on Family Sunday this week (June 11), We have a link to a blog post about passing down faith to our kids, and a post about ways to encourage summer memories!

PASSING DOWN FAITH Posted by Nina Schmidgall


Featured Quote: “Even if you are new in your faith, you can live it out in front of your kids, sharing with them both your mistakes and triumphs. One of the best things I have ever heard Reggie Joiner say is, “We can give our kids a front row seat to the grace of God in our lives.” There’s no better way for our kids to understand the true meaning of grace than when we invite them to witness the journey, letting them see first hand the miracle of us being transformed right in front of their eyes.” 

CREATING SUMMER MEMORIES: LIFE’S BUILDING BLOCKS Posted by Amy Fenton Lee Parent Cue- Building Summer Memories 

Featured Quote: “It was not long before I realized that without electronics involved, my child lacked the ability to self-play! The match box car set, the locking blocks, and the puzzles all sat idle as Watson struggled to find constructive activity for himself. Like my young son, many children require intentional parenting to develop the ability to self-play. Reflecting on my own growing up and the downtime I spent playing Atari PacMan (yes, I am that old!), video games hold little significance compared to the memories of… active play utilizing my imagination and family’s existing resources that I fondly remember”

We hope these are helpful and encouraging to everyone as we continue on this journey of caring for our kids and teens!

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