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Reviving the School-Year Routine!

on September 13, 2017

Greetings!  We’ll be getting back into sharing portions of our Family Connection News and Notes each week.  This week, we’re sharing updates to our Sunday morning Kids Connection routine here at United Church of Norwood, and a link to a brief article of encouragement for parents as we work on getting back into our school-year routines!

KIDS CONNECTION 2017-2018 UPDATES:  We are excited to get going into a new School Year.  We have a few reminders for everyone, and some new practices to help ensure a smooth, encouraging experience for everybody here on Sunday mornings!

  • CONNECTION CARDS: We will be collecting cards for each of our participants with some basic info to help our leaders. One info item will be a cell phone that can be reached on Sunday mornings during the service.  This is mostly for our littlest ones if they are having an especially tough time in the nursery, but it’s best to have contact info for safety reasons.
  • DROP OFF & PICK-UP: During the school year, during the time of greeting, everyone will meet up in the hallway in the rear of the Sanctuary to head to their classrooms together.  This may change for holidays and/or last minute teacher absences, but will be communicated to families as best is possible.
    • Kids Connection Kids (PreK-Grade 6) will meet their teacher to walk to their classroom together
    • Parents will meet up with Nursery volunteers to walk with their littles ones to drop them off in the nursery.
    • All parents are asked to pick up their kids in their classrooms immediately following the worship service, before heading to coffee time or other extensive fellowship with other church-goers.
  • RESTROOM/DIAPERS/POTTY TRAINING: It’s our hope that this is an area that is dealt with primarily by parents, but we have some safe practices in place for our volunteers if an immediate need should arise during kids/nursery time.  We ask that parents do their best to ensure diapers are fresh and restroom attempts have been made prior to the worship service.  Please communicate any specific concerns in this regard with the volunteers upon drop-off.
  • KIDS CONNECTION OFFERING: Each school year, we pick a cause to raise funds for as our kids learn the importance of generosity and worship through giving. This school year, we will be raising funds to go towards the efforts of World Vision to provide young women in developing countries with a sewing machine and training, so kids are encouraged to share a portion of their allowance, or any spare change they discover to this offering in Kids Connection each week!
  • COMMUNION SUNDAY: If parents wish for their kids to participate in Communion, they can come down to the classrooms during the hymn between the sermon and communion to pick up their children early, it is requested they let their teachers know to expect that early pick-up.
  • VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS NEEDED: We are always looking to bolster our volunteer roster for both Kids Connection and Nursery Care, please contact Meg if you want to learn more!


We’re thrilled for the ways we will continue to grow as families connect to one another, new friends, and God’s great love!

The Parent Cue Blog has so many great posts, and here’s this month’s timely pick to share with you all! 3 Ways to Survive the Back to School Season

Stay tuned for updates on the great offerings we’ll have in the coming weeks!



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