United Kids Connection!

Kids & Families connecting: To one another, new friends, and God's great love!

Mid-October Family Connection

on October 18, 2017

Greetings friends and neighbors!  This edition of the family connection will include some tips for engaging our little ones in worship, and a tech tool to help engage faith in the lives of our families.  Take a look!

Engaging Kids at Church: It’s never too early to come alongside kids to help them participate in worship.  Even toddlers can start to sway along with the music, take a look at the visual art in the sanctuary, witness you as you participate in the call to worship or prayers, and wave hello during the time of greeting.  Squacking and Squirming are perfectly ok (don’t let anyone convince you otherwise) it’s a sign of life and joy in our church!  It’s not always the easiest option, but helping our children discover the rhythms of worship early on will help them become worshippers themselves.

Digital Resource: This time, we are going with a more low-tech resource, our radio dial!  The Providence radio frequency 99.5 is now carrying the national Christian Radio station KLOVE.  It’s great modern music with minimal DJ talk, and no more commercials or song lyrics about questionable topics.  Perfect for the car-pool!


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