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Our 2017-2018 Kids Offering Cause

on November 7, 2017

Our Kids Connection time includes an offering time on Sunday mornings.  Every school year, we focus on a special cause.  In year’s past we’ve raised money for families in need locally, and around the globe.  This year’s focus takes needs of women in developing nations, and combines it with a passion of many of the ladies here at our church: sewing!  Our collection for the 2017-2018 school year will raise funds for a share towards a sewing machine for a young woman in need to help earn a living for herself and her family.  Kids will create a special collection container for the Advent season to bring home to help keep the spirit of faithful giving alive in the busy Holiday season.  Here’s the link with info from World Vision about this year’s giving project:

Donating a Sewing Machine to a Woman in Need

It’s an exciting thing to know that no matter how young, we can all play a significant role in spreading the hope of God’s love to our neighbors near and far!


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